Thursday, May 17, 2007

getting annoyed

i'm happy to say that i'm done animating and coloring. ahh, now the arduous task of the post production begins. i've just spent over 4 hours going back and looking at and tweaking my earlier scenes and the animation (as it usually does with student films) is very "blah" in the beginning. my ending act is much better compared to the earlier stuff. c'est la vie. i'm compelled to reanimate the whole thing, but there's that little issue of time. it's a student film, so we'll just leave it at that. i need to eat.
enjoy the yeti.


Hobofish said...

cute picture though!

THE SIR said...

your yeti rules! i'm getting so excited about the films at the end of the year screening. i know so little about them that it will be a nice surprise.

Firefly said...

thanks!! i don't know much about the other films either. so it'll be a surprise for me too.