Wednesday, October 10, 2007

up late

Here are some more sketches of me as the 'angry barista.' that's my Working Title as of now. I'm sorta stressed because I feel that this film is being put on hold due to hw from other classes. Not too thrilled.


cdeboda said...

Fun seeing all the 'personality/attitude' that you put in these sketches. Good going on the Nick gig too. I still have my rejection letter when i applied for that same position too a while back....but i'm not bitter. :P

David Badgerow said...

Hah, oh man. These drawings of yours are going to make me feel guilty asking anyone at Starbucks to make me anything ever again!

Firefly said...

i'll be honest with you. it's not an easy job and 99% of the people who come in, are dumb as posts.