Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hai!!!! I need You to go to Anim Dailies!! Thaaaaaannk Youuuuu!!

It's nearing 6 o' clock in the evening, which means it's time for the infamous Animation Dailies, every FLO Artist's dream [mm hmm]. Sometimes it's my task to round up a FLO Artist to be a Layout rep at Anim Dailies. Most don't enjoy it because it takes away from their work time; some like to go because it gets them out of the office and into the animation department, a nice break. But the point being, when you see my face come around the corner with a big, wide, grin it can mean only one thing: that I've come to claim you for Anim Dailies.


David Badgerow said...

Now I need to draw a picture of myself with you in my doorway going: "WOULD I!?"

Firefly said...

a la Milhouse