Thursday, December 24, 2009

Layout Shirt

The top drawing is the Photoshop file

This is the final vector drawing

I've been wanting to post this forever and since the shirts are for sale now, I think it's safe to post it.
This is the final design for our Layout crew shirts. Props to Zack for vectorizing it. I've never done any silkscreening before and the process is really complicated to get a shirt made. For example, it's easiest to print a shirt with 3-5 colors. I originally had 8 but thanks to my bro we whittled it down to 6. I don't use Illustrator and the image needs to be vector in order to be printed, so thankfully my bro has a knack for Illustrator. It was an experience non-the-less and now I know what to expect for the next crew shirt. I'm super excited it was chosen and will be worn all over the studio! Go Dragons!

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