Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dragons DVD Takes Off!

Hi Folks-
Dragons came out on Blu Ray/DVD last Friday and so far it's doing really well! Dave and I watched it that night on his ps3, and even took pictures of the movie on his ps3 menu. All that hard work crammed into a little digital icon on his tv screen. The movie looks fantastic on blu ray and we watched with commentary from Chris, Dean and Bonnie. Thoughts, feelings and even overwhelming anxiety/memories took over me from sequence to sequence. We all worked so hard on this film and the final result really shines through. Congrats to the whole cast n crew!
As an added bonus, we watched Boneknapper, our second labor of love. Great stuff all around. Go out and buy a copy if you get the chance!

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JennySRP said...

I have it. I love it. Watching it ten million times. =P