Saturday, February 12, 2011

Being Positive

Valentine's Day isn't my favorite holiday. In fact, I find it rather insulting to be honest. If I were to celebrate it, I'd want it to be low key. No fluff. But this year, I am embracing the fluff, by making valentines for my layout crew on PiB. I figured I'd try to be positive this year and create some good karma by making others happy.

I went online and googled vintage valentines for inspiration. I found so many cute ones it was hard to decide which ones to give a new spin too. I finally ended up with this one:

I liked the simplicity of it and the overall design. So I decided to add Puss to the picture and created my own. It was perfect and fit Puss' attitude. Hopefully it'll make my crew smile a little. At least I had fun drawing it and created a little project for myself.

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