Wednesday, October 12, 2011

o hai

Where to begin. Let's see. After Layout ended, I did a stint in a *super fun* department called Lustre to help wrap Puss in Boots (which comes out Oct. 28, go see it). Lustre is basically the color timing of the whole film and you work laaaate hours in a dark room for days, weekends, holidays on end. Good times!!
When I was between taking notes, I would draw in my sketchbook, and draw I did. Here's a smattering of stuff.
Animals from the animal blog I mentioned before.

Some sketches of Puss.

Sketches of some raccoons and my dog sleeping on the foot of our coffee table. Hard to tell.

More critters from the animal blog and Kitty Softpaws.

Also, I FINALLY took my European vacation I've been pining for all my life. I visited Switzerland, Paris and London and definitely want to pack up and leave California but that will not be happening. I will leave my socio-political rantings for another time.

I took Puss with me as well, because he deserved a vacation as much as I did. We took in the sights together!
One day when I've stopped boycotting Facebook, I'll post my pictures. For now they're available on my Google+ account on Picasa. Hopefully that link works.

In Switzerland there are cows everywhere!!! And marmots are super popular too, although I didn't see any. Also, there are random cats that hang out in the fields, so I would see a handful while traveling on the trains. They must chase after the mice.