Saturday, February 11, 2012

Me and My Shadow

I have begun to work on a new show: Me and My Shadow! I'm pretty excited for this one; it's a 2d/3d hybrid which means new challenges, a new pipeline and a whole new look for DreamWorks! I'm back in the Layout department after a brief stint in Lighting and look forward to working with the Layout artists again. Here's the official voice talent announcement from the HWR.

Outside of work I've continued to draw in my sketchbook and been working with my roommate on some little side projects. Our latest is making handmade stuffed animals. We don't exactly know what we're going to do with them, but for now it's a fun bonding experience and keeping me sane!!

Our Sea LionFox, Elephant and Bat (works in progress)

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JennySRP said...

nice! all good things!