Friday, November 11, 2011

I adopted a Rhino!

I read some very disturbing news the other day, how Western Black Rhinos are now officially extinct. This made me absolutely sick and I wanted to do something about it. So I googled some wildlife adoption sites and after comparing WWF to this other one called AWF, I opted for AWF. WWF has a reputation for being shady, and I definitely wanted my money to go help a cause, not disappear to nowhere.

So I found out I could adopt an orphaned rhino named Jabari for 35 dollars. I wish I could donate millions of dollars to help animals. I hate the thought of growing up and witnessing animals going extinct, it's so horrifying. And it's real!! This isn't a movie. I can't even imagine what's next.

Regardless of the state of affairs, it felt good to do my teeny tiny part.

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JennySRP said...

Jabari is very grateful, I'm sure!