Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rainy Sunday

I created my first business card today for my earrings. I decided to call em Teenie Tines, cuz they're so little. In fact, I made my smallest creation yet, 2 wee sheep smaller than a quarter. How I did it, I haven't a clue, I just got in the zone. I'm reluctant to sell them, because they're so darn cute, but I think I won't have a problem actually having someone purchase them.
I've started to glaze a few things, just to see how it looks. I do like the matte finish but some things just look better glazed and I think it'll protect the clay and the delicate parts.

Here's the background of my business card that I whipped up today. I used Vistaprint and it was relatively inexpensive. It's the shipping that gets ya!!

Used Frankie as my logo-ish thing. I added the text on vistaprint.

Wee sheep

Some teenie weenies and an owl. I'll be selling these guys too.